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Status: Active
Discord: demon#1716
YouTube: Demon
Twitter: ATX610UD13

Hiya, I'm Demon. So far I've mostly worked on porting tracks from other Mario Karts or games, as well as other light modifications to MK7. I'm still learning more about making mods for this game, but I've been up to a pretty decent start so far. Also, don't hesitate to ask me any questions. :)

Custom Tracks

Ported CTs

Track Status Current Version Initial Release
Revo Circuit Complete v1.0 2019
CTR Crash Cove Complete v1.0 2019
SASASRDS Bingo Party Complete v1.0 2019
DS GCN Mario Circuit Complete v1.5 2019-03-23
DS Test Circle Complete v1.0 2019-02-25
SMO RC Car Circuit Complete v1.0 2019
CTR Cortex Castle Complete v1.0 2019
Doge Desert Complete v1.0 2019
DS Wario Stadium Complete v1.0 2019
DS Beta Waluigi Pinball In-Progress (80%) v0.5 TBD
Spike Desert In-Progress (80%) v0.2 TBD
DKR Star City In-Progress (50%) v0.2 TBD
Sunshine Airport In-Progress (50%) v0.1 TBD