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  • ...ter names in different languages. Here is an example of a '''config.ini''' file: (You can use it as a template for your own character pack.) ...acter slot defined in config.ini (not recommended as it can interfere with other character packs). Check the [[Filesystem#Driver|Driver folder structure]] t
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  • ...t 7]] aswell as in [[Mario Kart Wii]]. This article describes the KMP file format used in [[Mario Kart 7]]. ...e is played, such as start positions, check points and the CPU routes. The file is written in [[Little endian|little endian]].
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  • ...' in Mario Kart 7. This format is common between ghosts saved in the saved file, staff ghosts and ghosts received through StreetPass and SpotPass. ...llowing the ghost input data is a CRC-32 which the game uses to verify the file has not corrupted (this is not present in ghosts received through StreetPas
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  • This article contains a list of '''file formats''' in [[Mario Kart 7]], other Nintendo games and customized by users. == Mario Kart 7 file formats ==
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  • ...different course slots (including original tracks). This file has the same format as ''MusicSlots.ini'' but that one should not be edited as it is used inter ...tor: [ Notepad++]). This particular file must be encoded with ''UTF-8 without BOM'' and ''UNIX (LF)'' line breaks.
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  • -> Custom Mission</code>, or existing files can be opened through <code>File -> Open...</code>. The configuration file is divided in the following sections.
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  • '''systemX.dat''' is the name of [[Mario Kart 7]]'s save data file. It is stored inside the cartdrige or in the SD card, depending where the g The class that controls this file in the code is '''System::SystemSaveData'''
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  • ...ustom Track Tutorial. Here, you'll see a brief overview of the SZS (track) file, a listing of programs you might need to edit them and in-depth tutorials o == Overview of a Custom Track File ==
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  • ...robabilityTableMedium.bin''' and '''EnemyProbabilityTableHard.bin'''. This file is equivalent to [ == File Format ==
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  • '''''CourseDebugSlot.ini''''' is a file in the [[CTGP-7|CTGP-7 modpack]] located in the '''[[MyStuff]]''' folder th ...''MusicSlotsUser.ini'']] file. Another limitation is that the custom track file will still be searched in the ''CTGP-7/gamefs/Course'' folder.
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  • This page is about the 3DS CGFX 3d format. All offsets in CGFX are self-relative. That means that the file offset of the offset itself has to be added to the offset.<br>
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  • ...a list with used '''global objects''' which can be edited in a [[KMP (File Format)|KMP]] Editor. ...explanation of the setting values, in the same order as in the [[KMP (File Format)|KMP]] files.
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  • ...ials in CreativeStudio, and changing the textures to what they were prior. Other information on this page may still be helpful, such as using Blender instea .... Due to how EveryFileExplorer imports textures as a more compressed image format, smaller textures will lose some detail. This tutorial may also be applied
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  • 7, such as: character reskins, custom tracks, custom music/sounds, and other listed below. It is the first distribution to utilize a plugin for addition ...these buttons cause the current on-screen cup buttons to be replaced with other cups, including custom cups, creating a scrolling menu system. All custom t
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