Miku's Birthday Spectacular

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Miku's Birthday Spectacular
Author: Stewie 1.0, PabloMK7
Designer: Stewie 1.0
Version: v5
Release date: 2018-01-28
Editors used: Every File Explorer, NW4C, Blender, Sketchup
Download: Discord


Miku's Birthday Spectacular is a Custom Track Made By Stewie1.0 and visually updated by PabloMK7. This track is themed around Hatsune Miku. In the few years it was being made it went through several changes. Then it had several changes by PabloMK7 in early 2018. This track is also the first track to be based around Miku that isn't a texture hack, even though Stewie1.0 created a custom track called Rolling Girl that was never finished or released.


Time Trials World Record

Version History

Version Date of release Information
Early Alpha Beta 2016-02-13 First Preview
Beta 2016-02-15 First release
v2 2018-03-01
  • Added Cannon
  • Removed 3 RrJump objects (RR Mushroom) and CmnKinoko3 (Blue Mushroom)
  • Added new skybox texture (now CmnVR10)
  • Added animated music notes around the track
  • Changed the Sonic Miku image to Age Age Again
v3 2016-08-09
  • Added Boost Animation
  • Changed Song
  • Changed Mushroom texture
  • Changed Road Texture
  • Added Piranha Plants
  • Added Moving Objects
  • Added More Miku
  • Changed Some Miku Pictures
  • Added More Coins
  • Added Hot Air Balloon
  • Added And Changed Other Minor Stuff
v4 2018-??-??
  • Changed Road Texture Again
  • Changed Some Of The Boost Textures
  • Added Even More Miku
  • Added Water Section
  • Added More Animation
  • Removed Cake Model
  • Replaced the Cake Model with a 2D Graphic of the Cake
  • 2 Hachune Miku statues were removed due to lag
  • Changed Mushroom to Drum
  • Added More Music Stuff in the Background
  • Other Stuff Added to the Model
  • ETC
v5 2018-01-28 Update by PabloMK7:
  • Road Changed Again
  • More Decoration Added
  • Removed Lag
  • Added Star Object
  • Changed Boost Texture
  • Changed Glider Texture
  • Changed Some Things with the Cannon
  • More Miku
  • More Animation Added
  • Changed Music to V2's Music
  • Also Changed the Music's Final Lap
  • Added Walls, Lava, and Fire coming up from the lava to the section after the Spinning Miku Part
  • Changed the Crazy Road on the last part to be harder
  • Other Improvements Made to the KMP, KCL, and Other stuff
  • Also Changed Road Texture in the wall part before the water section
  • Other Stuff Changed in the Model
  • ETC

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