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/RaceCommon.szs/Enemy/ contains three tables used to set the probabilities of the actions CPU racers can make in a match. Each table corresponds to a level of difficulty: EnemyProbabilityTableEasy.bin, EnemyProbabilityTableMedium.bin and EnemyProbabilityTableHard.bin. This file is equivalent to kartAIActionParam.bin in Mario Kart Wii.

File Format

Each file consists of a 8x7 table that contains the probability (percentage based) of doing each action per racer, depending on the rank they start the match in. Each probability is stored as an integer.

File Format
Offset Size Description
0x0 0x4 Unknown. Always 0.
0x4 0x4 Number of player ranks.
0x8 0x4 Number of actions.
0xC 0x20 * Number of player ranks Player Ranks names.
0x10C 0x20 * Number of actions Actions names.
0x1EC 0x38 Unknown. Contains 14 single-precision floating point values.
0x224 0x4 * Number of actions rank1 entries.
0x240 0x4 * Number of actions rank2 entries.
0x25C 0x4 * Number of actions rank3 entries.
0x278 0x4 * Number of actions rank4 entries.
0x294 0x4 * Number of actions rank5 entries.
0x2B0 0x4 * Number of actions rank6 entries.
0x2CC 0x4 * Number of actions rank7 entries.
0x2E8 0x4 * Number of actions rank8 entries.

Player Ranks

The rank of the CPU racer at the start of the match.

Player Ranks
Name Meaning
rank1 CPU racer in 1st
rank2 CPU racer in 2nd
rank3 CPU racer in 3rd
rank4 CPU racer in 4th
rank5 CPU racer in 5th
rank6 CPU racer in 6th
rank7 CPU racer in 7th
rank8 CPU racer in 8th


Name Meaning
Rocket Performing a rocket start.
WheelSpin Failing the rocket start, busting the engine.
Drift Performing a drift.
MiniTurbo Releasing a miniturbo.
BlockLine Unknown.
JumpAction Doing a trick.
SideAttack Driving towards the player if they're close to the CPU racer.


A transcription of all three tables is available here.