Creating a Custom Vehicle

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This tutorial will explain how to create a custom vehicle for Mario Kart 7. This tutorial can also be applied to wheels, and maybe gliders, but a few differences would be present.

What you will need:

  • Mario Kart 7 files
    You will need the Mario Kart 7 files so you can adjust your model accurately.
  • EveryFileExplorer
    This is mostly to create the actual file for your vehicle to load in game. Other programs work better, but we will use this for the tutorial.
  • Blender
    This is the model editor we will use in the tutorial. Other programs may work, like 3DS Max, but note that Sketchup may not be a good option. Blender is free anyway.

How it’s done:

Part 1: Choosing the base vehicle

First you must choose the vehicle that you want your model to go over. I recommend choosing a vehicle with the most similar wheel placement. Find the game file for the vehicle, open it with EveryFileExplorer, and export the model.

Part 2: Adjusting model

Of course you can’t just take your model and throw it in the game. We have to adjust the model for the game. In your modeling program (Blender in this case) import the game model you just exported, as well as the model you want to import. From there you can adjust the model that you want to import. Move it around and change the scale until it fits with the model well. Then delete the game model. You can also put an emblem on your model by adding the emblem dummy texture (that should have been exported) to your model and make sure the emblem_dummy material is assigned to the emblem part. You might have to modify the model if it has too high of a tri count. It should be under 900 tris. Now export your model as obj.

Part 3: Creating the game file

Open EveryFileExplorer, and choose File > New from File > Nintendo 3DS Plugin > CTR Graphics (CGFX). In the window that appears, open the model you just exported. Put the name of the original game model (like body_race for example) in the text box that appears, and continue. It’s case sensitive! Once you have done this, the file will be created. All you have to do is save, and put the file name as the file name of the original game model.

Part 4: Loading into the game

Now we are prepared to load the custom model into the game. Make a new folder with the same game model name and put the file in there. We can easily load the custom model in CTGP-7. Copy the folder into CTGP-7\MyStuff\Karts\Kart\Body of your 3DS SD Card and load CTGP-7. However, for whatever reason, if it doesn’t even replace the original model, put the folder in CTGP-7\gamefs\Kart\Body. Then it should work. If it crashes, the tri count may be too high, or something went wrong during importing. If it works, congratulations! You’re basically done! You can go back and make adjustments if you like.