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CourseDebugSlot.ini is a file in the CTGP-7 modpack located in the MyStuff folder that allows developers to define a debug course slot using the CTGP-7 framework. This debug course slot will replace Toad Circuit slot in the mushroom cup. If a debug course slot is defined, online features will be disabled.

Since this feature is only meant for developers, there are some limitations. The music will still be taken from the enviroment course slot, so if you want to test your custom music, please define an entry for Toad Circuit in the MusicSlotsUser.ini file. Another limitation is that the custom track file will still be searched in the CTGP-7/gamefs/Course folder.

As any other .ini file, the data in CourseDebugSlot.ini is stored in plain text and can be edited with any text editor. However, it is recommended to use an editor that supports different encodings and supports linux line breaks (recommended editor: Notepad++). This particular file must be encoded with UTF-8 without BOM and UNIX (LF) line breaks.

For each line, everything after the # symbol will be ignored (useful for comments).

File Format

The debug course slot has the following format (only one entry can be defined at the same time):

courseName :: environmentCourseName :: numberOfLaps

Name Meaning
courseName Name of the course slot (name of the szs without the extension).
Example: Gctr_RainbowRoad
environmentCourseName Name of the environment course slot (name of the szs without the extension). All the course slot specific settings such as sound effects, background music, particle effects, etc will be taken from this slot. This can either be an existing custom track or original track.
Example: Gctr_MarioCircuit
numberOfLaps Number of laps, must be 1 or greater.


A file with the following contents:

Gctr_TestTrack :: Gctr_MarioCircuit :: 2

produces the following configuration:

The course Gctr_TestTrack.szs inside gamefs/Course will replace Toad Circuit using the environment setting from Mario Circuit and will have 2 laps.